Our team welcomed Tajiri & Johari into their new exhibit yard!

April the Giraffe and Aziz cam

Video April the Giraffe Giving Birth

Today, our team welcomed Tajiri & Johari into their new exhibit yard!

Fresh soft sand, room to run, and a team giving the thumbs up!

A few changes and modifications and they will be ready for our guests May 1st – opening day!

Tajiri and Johari

Tajiri and Johari at Animal Advennture Park

Tajiri the Giraffe 2019 

Fan reaction

Ann Torres Such a beautiful sight to see!!They are sooo lucky to have such a gorgeous place to call home!!!Well done Jordan and team!

Lorraine Susan Provencher Oh. Wow so nice to see them outside. running and having fun. This is great. Love  Taj… our 1st baby, and love , Taj, brought us all together. Now, he has Johari to love and and have fun with. This is so great and wonderful. Thank you, Jordan and AAP

Wendy Wasserman So THIS is what went on out there today. Beautiful job with the yard, AAP!!! So glad these two went out today – it was quite the welcome surprise for all of us. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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