Happy 4 months to this BIG “little guy” Azizi!

Happy 4 months to this BIG “little guy” Azizi!

Independent and fast growing, he stands approximately 7 1/2 feet tall – and eats as much solid food as he does mom, April’s, milk!

How Much Does April the Giraffe's Baby Weigh

He very much enjoys the current Giraffe yard 2 area with Mom and Big Brother Tajiri!

Both of April’s calves that have been born at Animal Adventure, still reside with us, and April – naturally weaned on their own timeline.

April and Baby

April, Taj, & Azizi are responding great to chute training; which will make veterinary procedures safe and less stressful for humans and animals!

4 cheers for Azizi on 4 months!

Do not miss out on April and Azizi`s coffee mug

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Strut your stuff around the park and you may encounter our two free range peacocks! 

Peafowl are a species of Pheasant native to Asia. 
They are remarkably well adapted and beautiful birds. Males sport a notable train (tail feathers) that are used to court potential mates. The train molts (sheds) after breeding season and regrows again each year!


Animal Adventure Park's Oliver & Johari Giraffe Cam

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