Happy Mother’s Day with April and Azizi the Giraffe

What a remarkable day!

Happy Mother’s Day to those leading and loving their family, flock, herd, and tower!

Spend your day with our many animal moms!

We celebrate with FREE admission for all mothers!

Azizi the Giraffe 

April the giraffe

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Thank you to the many many many of you that joined us today for some of our best weather so far this season!

Viewer reaction:

Happy Mothers day to our sweet April  and all the momma animals at AAP …Happy mothers day Colleen and Miss Vicki, have a wonderful day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the animal moms and to Miss Vicki and Colleen

 Happy Mother's Day to all my Animal Adventure Park neighbor's. I am so lucky to live 1 1/2 miles from them. Love my AAP family.

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