A Poem For April the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

Giraffe Watch 2019 live cam

Video April the Giraffe Giving Birth


Jordan and his family in the barn

First morning of baby boy and mom

Healthy, Thriving, Gaining, Growing!

An Evening Sun reporter, just gave us a “thumbs down”,

Said we needed to spend our time on important things, around town!

Well, I am so tired of listening to all of the news,

So tired of the lies and the slanted views!

April the Giraffe



Giraffe`s matching family party or birthday family with our babies


We have listened to this garbage for more than a year,

Then I found something good, in our own Southern Tier!

Thank you so much for a GREAT distraction,

April’s live web cam, is a wonderful attraction!

It has been so much fun to watch you all share,

The love and the info of April’s great care!

We have watched her become a great “big ham”,

Sticking out her tongue at the live web cam!

It breaks up the waiting and makes us laugh,

While we all anticipate… the birth of her calf!

So thank you new friends for all that you do,



Do not miss out April`s Merchandise today ( special)


Get yours: HERE

For the “giraffe education”, we have all learned from you!

When this over and the web cam comes down,

The smile on my face will become a big frown!

So here’s to the staff and all of the crew,

For sharing with us and letting us view

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