April, Oliver and Baby Azizi the Giraffe Outside

Warm temperatures: check

Dry forecast: check

Park full of happy animals: check

We are ready for you! 

Open daily!

azizi the giraffe

Azizi the giraffe

“Lemur” tell you!

Rain or shine – cute is cute!

Gates open 10 am!


Oliver theGiraffe

He did some showing off!

Mom and Azizi


Our 'little' guy, Azizi. What a spunky baby! He had no fear of all the people!

Fan reaction:

AAP is truly blessed with a dream Jordan had and the reality he turned it into. April has brought more attention than one wants to admit as she continues to amaze us all with her beautiful boys that we all love so dearly. Keep it up Jordan as we know there is more to come. Most of all thanks for letting the world share in your dream come true

Fabulous day yesterday! Meeting friends, talking to the staff and Jordan. Feeding the sweet giraffes. I hope someday to make it back to this magical place.

 Had a great day there yesterday, no real rain so it was a win. Got great photos, met awesome people and had an absolutely wonderful time feeding grapes to the monkeys and lemurs.

What a beautiful animal! Really trying to figure out how to make a trip there this summer…wish there was an airport closer than Albany for SWA to fly into. Will do more checking

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