April The Giraffe’s Baby Reunites With His Father

It was a special day at the park!

Azizi & Oliver “officially” met on exhibit with April supervising.

Giraffe cam watchers, lucky enough to be tuned in, were able to take delight in the unannounced special moments between the giraffe family.

Oliver meet Azizi the Giraffe

Fan reaction:

It was precious to see on cam, stunning pics. So glad to be apart of the meeting. Jordan you waved and without thinking I waved, hubby said who are you waving to LOL… I said Jordan and the AAP staff. He said I was ready for the looney bin which is fine as long as I can have my laptop to watch my favorite giraffes 

it was so precious!! What a wonderful Famiy I love April, Oliver , Azizi, Taj & Jo such an amazing journey Thank you Jordan for sharing it with the world you have made such an impact on so many people including me first thing I do in the morning is go on the cam and watch all day it is just wonderful God Bless you and your Family and all the staff at AAP Hugs 

Was an amazing surprise to see them all out together tysm jordan i too waved back to u all on the decking haha love and best wishes from liverpool uk 


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