Updates, Live Cam April the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe Animal Adventure Park 

National Zoo Keeper Week Spotlight:


Lucas has been a long time animal care team member, having worked his way through the ranks, growing with the park and taking on the huge responsibility of the park’s large carnivores! While the animals in his charge can pose a risk every minute of the day, Lucas’ level head, attention to detail and dedication have allowed him to grow many of our carnivores from cub to adult cat – with safety always in mind and as priority.

SUNY Cortland

Industry experience: 
4 years

Seasons at AAP:

Current species/area of care:
Large Carnivores
Eurasian Eagle Owl 

Favorite Species at the park: 
African Lion

What do you want the world to know about your career that they may not be aware of?

Zookeepers get very little time off! 
Vacation days are minimal and rare. Sick days aren’t generally an option. We work holidays, all weather conditions, all temperatures! 
The animals need care every single day, so it is our responsibility to provide that care, every single day!

Animal Adventure Park Lucas

Video April the Giraffe Giving Birth


April the Giraffe Latest Update


Happy 4 months to this BIG “little guy” Azizi!

Independent and fast growing, he stands approximately 7 1/2 feet tall – and eats as much solid food as he does mom, April’s, milk!

How Much Does April the Giraffe's Baby Weigh

He very much enjoys the current Giraffe yard 2 area with Mom and Big Brother Tajiri!

Both of April’s calves that have been born at Animal Adventure, still reside with us, and April – naturally weaned on their own timeline.

April and Baby

April, Taj, & Azizi are responding great to chute training; which will make veterinary procedures safe and less stressful for humans and animals!

4 cheers for Azizi on 4 months!

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Strut your stuff around the park and you may encounter our two free range peacocks! 

Peafowl are a species of Pheasant native to Asia. 
They are remarkably well adapted and beautiful birds. Males sport a notable train (tail feathers) that are used to court potential mates. The train molts (sheds) after breeding season and regrows again each year!


Animal Adventure Park's Oliver & Johari Giraffe Cam

Dr. Tim visits April and Corey Cleans April`s stall 

Jordan Patch is doing giraffe talk 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to those leading and loving their family, flock, herd, and tower!

Spend your day with our many animal moms!

We celebrate with FREE admission for all mothers!

april the giraffe 

Azizi the giraffe playing in the yard

Poor girl cant even pee without the males moving in on her 

The view from our new Giraffe Encounter Deck is North, South, East & West!

Bring your cameras for the giraffes…capture the landscape!

Johari is 14 ft tall and April is 15 ft tall.

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Encounter

Tajiri and Johari the Giraffe 

Taj & Joh approved!

Will we see YOU in 2019!?

Full interview Jordan Patch at Animal Adventure Park

Happy Birthday Tajiri!

He is celebrating his 2nd Birthday!

From 5’9” to 11’ in just two years, the calf that captivated the world, is now the bull of his own exhibit.

With Johari by his side, Taj continues to entertain his fans each day!

Extra treats are in order today!

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By popular demand, the birds eye view of the start of April’s labor with Azizi, and our discovery of the start of the process! Good for a laugh!

“The coffee spill seen around the world!”

Today, our team welcomed Tajiri & Johari into their new exhibit yard!

Fresh soft sand, room to run, and a team giving the thumbs up!

A few changes and modifications and they will be ready for our guests May 1st – opening day!

Baby Tajiri 

Tajiri and Johari Had Pretty Weather for Playing Outside First Times

We have a name!

Azizi (Ah-ZEE-ZEE) "Azi" "Az"

Fans cast their votes in an online naming contest, narrowing the options down to a pool of 20 names. Fans ultimately picked ‘Keeper’s Choice’, passing the big decision to the beloved giraffe care team. The team chose to honor one of the top 20 name selections voted on by our fans.

Azizi, having a few origins, has meanings that truly identify with the personality of the young male giraffe. Precious, powerful, beloved, and “the mighty one” are descriptive of our independent calf, that will someday grow to a possible eighteen feet and weigh over 2,000 pounds. Other top contenders included Finnegan, Apollo, and Zumi.

Oliver and April welcomed the healthy calf on Saturday, March 16th. He’s now weighing in at over 170 lbs, and stands 6’ tall!

Good morning everyone!

We thought it was hilarious how brave our little bull was after the keepers were out and he had the stall to himself. He sure showed them what he could do!

He is a pistol and so full of energy. We need some of that. Older you get you feel it. 

New exclusive content is up and our calf as of today ( March 29th) is just shy of 170 pounds and even a cameo of Tajiri in the new content

Healthy, Thriving, Gaining, Growing!

Round 2 of voting has begun.

We are now into Round 2 of name voting for our calf!

Now you can vote for your favorite from these names:

Zumi the Giraffe

Noah the Giraffe

Finn/Finnegan the Giraffe

Azizi the Giraffe

Keeper’s/Cory’s Choice

Apollo the Giraffe

Patrick the giraffe

Jabari the giraffe

Gene the giraffe

Daniel the Giraffe

Harpur the Giraffe

Patches the Giraffe

Dash the Giraffe

Jett the Giraffe

Toby the Giraffe

Paddy the Giraffe

Zuberi the Giraffe

Jabori the Giraffe

Clover the Giraffe

Bahati the Giraffe

Please vote : HERE

Voting will end at 11:59pm eastern time March 31st and we will announce the name of April’s new calf on April 1, 2019.

Now weighing just shy of 160 lbs, our little boy boldly displays his rambunctious personality and antics to our giraffe cam viewers on a daily basis

Baby already nibbles at hay but really is not consuming, baby will begin to likely take more interest in solids between month 3-6

Even an animal momma loves, values and cares for her little one even as it's on it's way into the world. What a sad reflection on human mommas who are aborting their babies right up to the moment of birth, and even then.

A sweet moment of April

Spring has Sprung!

Our calf continues to progress and develop!

We are very happy to report the calf continues to gain weight, which indicates proper lactation and nursing! 
April and calf are both learning the daily routine and allowing our team to get hands on, to perform wellness checks and record necessary data.

April the Giraffe Calf

April the Giraffe`s Calf 

Make no mistake, every calf born counts!
With wild giraffe populations plummeting, now more than ever, successes in responsible propagation programs are continuing to provide strong genetic diversity in captive management programs. These bloodlines are the future bloodlines that can reestablish wild populations.

Much like the success in recent years with the reintroduction of the once extinct in the wild, scimitar oryx, to native ranges; captive management programs do serve a purpose, and do send animals "home"!

What must we do? 
Conserve and preserve natural habitats, to give them a fighting chance. Support conservation initiatives and sustainable practices that can allow human and animal to coexist. It can, and does happen!

Our little guy is growing and gaining

Everything has truly been text book thus far for development and behavior!

April the Giraffe and New Baby bring us zero concern – 48 hours is a fragile period of time and they aced it

Now we all breath a little easier – and can focus on the fun of naming the calf!

We will gain much more weight than inches initially!

Baby is good with staff – he comes up to the fence lines and is quite curious of everyone

​When we do our wellness checks on him, he is caution initially but then lets the exam occur without fuss

All will return to normal soon – its just these first few days we need to really get hands on to collect necessary data

For those of you that are interested, here is what the covering over Jr's hooves looks like. It is almost entirely worn off during his exam the following morning.

April the Giraffe and New Baby

April the Giraffe and New Baby

We captured this sweet moment today of baby and Dad, Oliver.

Baby Boy and Dad

Welcome to the world little one!

Early this morning, April’s behavior suggested a calf was on the way. Team members cleaned and prepared and then left the barn to give April her space.

Approximately 11:00 am, Jordan entered the barn to check April, who laid with her back end just out of camera view on both camera angles. Upon Jordan’s entry to the barn, April stood up and revealed that she had in fact been in labor and the calf’s hooves and first 8-10” of leg were emerging!

Labor alerts were quickly initiated, Veterinary and park staff called to the barn and we watched with over 300k other viewers!

Approximately 12:43 pm, our calf made its big “splash” into the world! Dr Tim quickly identified we had welcomed a baby boy!

Calf and mother bonded quickly. 
Calf was on it’s feet around 1:27 pm 
Nursing was observed 1:51 pm

Teams have since left the barn to allow mom and calf to continue their bond and build strength.

Tomorrow, a full exam of the calf will take place and provide weight and height.

Thank you for all of the support and cheers from around the world, as we welcomed our newest calf! 


It's a boy! April's New baby's gender has been revealed.

April went into labor around 11 a.m. and the baby arrived on the ground around 12:43 p.m.

The newborn giraffe was steady and on its feet by 1:27 p.m., and nursing by 1:51 p.m., according to the park

1:00 am eastern April began to spend much more time cleaning and stimulating her back end. The behavior continues at this time.

Significant discharge is present until cleaned, and that cycle continues.

Keep April, Dr Tim, and our Team in your thoughts as we navigate the coming hours, maybe day, perhaps longer, as we approach what would suggest the arrival of a new calf.

Another April Curveball? Stay tuned!

March 16th Update April the Giraffe

2: 20 AM live update

April hasn't laid down in about 3, 4 hours?

April looks like a pro and has it all under control. She looks quite content right now. A true champ!

​She's playing with the bag a lot more aggressively than she normally does. It seems to be a stress-reliever for her right now.

April looks good. She’s walking through the contractions, keeping her energy up with snacks and drinking. She’s awesome.

March 15th EVENING Update:

"I Survived the Glitch of 3/15"

Quite the afternoon for cam viewers and chatters!

Many tuned in and witnessed the same thing Jordan did, which had him rushing to the park! Was that hooves? The "bubble" (amniotic sac)? She's licking and it appears SOMETHING is there!

Kyle cleans stall today

A race to the park and a few phone calls, Dr Tim & Jordan arrived at the same time. What did they discover? A giraffe not in labor and the camera had a serious glitch! On screen, was a frozen frame from the afternoon, in the Birds Eye view, and a delayed webcam view. Better now than the big moment to discover this issue!

After some help from our techie Adam, and a lot of cam switches back and forth, all was well. But, it may have taken chat a good 15 minutes to settle – but we are now back on track!

As for April, what can we say? 
All signs point to a Go Time!
Discharge present in photo – full udder!

Healthy, Happy, Hungry.

March 15th Morning update on April the giraffe

April`s behavior is far from normal, we are still confident we could see activity, morning Vet check will be indicate a lot

April will have a chance to go out today

April really does enjoy her browser enrichment bag

April has eaten well and rested well through the night


Live Q & A with Jordan Patch tonight March 14th

We were once told april's prior calves had produced calves, we honestly can't confirm but we were told this in 2017

April is our only giraffe to ever calf at the park, this will be our second, we have never had a rejection

We are getting daily discharge from april… steady drip/snotty substance

​As the calf moves around you will see the dimples/pits appear on aprils hips – a good sign

in the case you miss  14th March Evening April the Giraffe Updates: The “Belly” Meets the “Hip”

The antibodies that produce immunity are in that colostrum the calf will first drink! a must to thrive.

April's been down for an hour now

​I get sleep when I can, these are exciting but stressful times

There`s a lots of tail up

Anything with a mouth can bite but that is not their defense of choice instead they kick or swing neck/head

Will April have a night delivery?

I dont know 

​The intention is for Johari to stay with Tajiri. could oliver breed with her some day maybe  but not the immedita eplan

Dr Tim has been in twice today

​Giraffes can take a few steps backward but not for many strides

​Giraffe teeth generally go without issue but things can flare up. Hoof care is a serious part of husbandry natural ware or the must be tended to

​Giraffes have on average 10 calves in a life time

​We are not worried about other cams or births at this time, our focus is her ( April the Giraffe)

April can be protective before and after birth

​We do not vaccinate the calves until about a year old, for rabies

Hay showers are just something april does, there is no rhyme or reason

April has granted a few wishes for make a wish

​We do not feed our giraffe fruit

​​The discharge we are seeing is all normal, there`s no concerns, in fact  again text book pregnancy thus far

​Tairij started nibbling pellets soon after birth! not enough for substance but they have pretty quick interest! weaning is anywhere from 6-8 to 12-15 months depends on the calf and mom

April is full of tricks I am sure

Now that is a well made stall

​I think that stall is fit for a prince or princess,  we will see

​Our carrots are california organic

​Thank you to everyone willing to support 

March 14th Evening  Update on April :

Lucky Number 15?

Day observations revealed a lot of manifested pressure on also pacing (walking through contractions?).

Corey & Alexis' evening Keeper Check confirmed significant white, thick, discharge.

Behavior had the team caution. Cautious enough that mammary development photos were not taken, and distance was kept. While her interest in treats was obvious to cam viewers, she was cautious of those around her.

Keeper's also observed "spasms" in the muscles where the "belly" meets the "hip", which could be contractions.

Based on all observations, as a precaution, teams did bed down the stall with additional substrate in the event of an evening or early morning delivery.

So – Lucky Number 15?
Tajiri was born on the 15th of April, to a 15 year old & 15 foot tall April, after a 15 month gestation…. tomorrow's date? The 15th.

Here is the big lady in all her glory.

april the giraffe update

Latest update on April the Giraffe

Who can say no to that face, April looks so cute this morning

Comparing April the Giraffe 2019 to 2017

\March 14


March 14th morning update on April the Giraffe

Does anyone remember during the hours leading up to Tajs birth that April stretched her hind leg way back for a minute or 2 and then we were off to the races

She is very focused this morning

April`s posturing is of interterest in the 14th March morning

The way April is standing makes her neck so long. She is so beautiful

April`s signs that are encouraging this morning, the dip her hips, visible on the cam, we want that movement there would suggest contractions

​The keepers turn on the lights when they come in and they switch the camera.

​Yesterday for about an hour it looked like Aprils' hoohah shrunk could hardly see it then baby kicking etc..,

Big hanging net feeders are 3'X3'.

More :

Perchied high abave the heads of the lurkers, in the loft of the loft

Calf on pi day, can imagine the name votes now?

Dr Tim is expected shortly and we will have a better idea of condition

Perched high above the heads of the lurkers, in the loft of the loft – I wait in darkness 

March 13th EVENING Update:

Many viewers were shocked to see D. Tim in the barn around 5:30 am this morning. While it was a scheduled early stop, April's behavior had him reconsidering his day's plan. April was not responsive to some of the Dr.'s treat offerings and hands on examination. This behavior could suggest some of that trance like focus during the labor process – but yet again – the day carried on, along with April's antics!

April the Giraffe Watch 2019 Update

She spent the day eating & resting and enjoying enrichment feeders!

Afternoon checks were as expected, so Jordan & Dr Tm thought they would remind April of just how fun and cute baby giraffes are! Perhaps we tried too hard?

Udders full, back end swollen, muscles/ligaments relaxed… Ready when you are April!

April the Giraffe update

Well, giraffe fans, it’s been some time since an update of this nature. Ironically on the anniversary of the camera truly going viral!

We did not anticipate doing anything like this for another 1-2 weeks.

April is advancing. Behavioral and physical changes are suggesting we are very much moving towards having a calf. Perhaps sooner than end of March, as originally predicted based on keeper observations. (But hey – we’ve been wrong before)



2018 has been a HUGE year for Animal Adventure Park! Enjoy some of our best moments as you ring in 2019! Happy New Year from our family to yours! See you next year!

Fan react to April the Giraffe Animal Adventure Park 

Allison Hurxthal I think I speak for us all and especially the 2.1 viewers who tuned in,we are so happy that we got to see April give birth therefore bringing the very well deserved attention to the zoo. I still say it's the best viral trending event in 2 years lol happy new year and many blessing for to 2019 days ahead

Dolores Nonnenmacher Hauptfleisch So very proud of you Jordan for growing Animal Adventure to be a wonderful zoo. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Carlene Zunker What a great year AAP had, I was so happy to be a part of it through videos & pics. Happy New Year to Jordan & his family & everyone at AAP. I know next year is going to be even bigger & better, now that Taj has his own place & a new baby giraffe & more baby animals for all of us to love. Thank you Jordan for an exciting ride

Karen Hulse Happy New Years to you and your family from ours. Thank you for every thing you shared with us thru the year and looking forward to the New Year with you all

Renee Prieur-Smith Thank you for sharing, made my day, and put a big smile on my face, to see all the wonderful animals, and everyone taking good care of them! Happy New Year everyone! Can’t wait to see the next chapter of wonderful surprises to come! love April the Giraffe Animal Adventure Park 

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