April the Giraffe Live Cam 2019 : Best Photos and Video

April the giraffe live cam 2019 

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Here`s a funny story of April and baby

Baby G: Mama, what is hope?
Summer: Baby G, hope is when you want things to change, you are hopeful things will be better tomorrow than they are today. Also, if you want something, you are hoping to get it. 
Willie: I hope my fans still like my jokes. If today's jokes bomb, there is still hope tomorrow's jokes won't stink as much.  
Summer: Willie, we are all hoping for that. 
Baby G: What happens if things don't change or you don't get what you want?
Summer: First, you have to determine if what you are hoping for is even possible. For example, all animals must eat to live; if you are hoping never to eat, that is a false hope. But if what you are hoping for is a real possibility, and you don't get it, you may lose hope. 
Baby G: What happens then?
Summer: When you feel sad, but you have hope, you know that tomorrow, or if not tomorrow, maybe someday, you will be happy again. If you lose hope that you will ever be happy, that is depression. You are depressed. 
Willie: I am sad because today's carrots have been eaten. I hope tomorrow will bring more carrots, but I will be depressed if your mama eats them all.  
Summer: Willie! You get plenty of carrots from your fans every day . 
Baby G: What can be done for someone who is depressed?
Summer: Sometimes doctors and medication can help, sometimes distractions help, sometimes just letting someone know they are not alone helps. 
Willie: Your mama's long neck and pretty eyes distract me from coming up with tomorrow's better jokes.  
Baby G: What can I do?
Summer: You can keep them company and you can let them know where there is life, there is hope. 
Baby G: What does that mean?
Summer: If they have a fatal disease, maybe tomorrow doctors or scientists will find a cure. If someone takes their own life because they have no hope left, they won't have a chance to benefit from that possible cure. If someone is lonely, but still lives, maybe tomorrow they will find someone like you, who will care about them. 
Baby G: World, join me and hope for a better tomorrow, let's show everyone while there is life, there is hope.


Best mom and son

April`s fan

Where is my carrotts?????




April and Oliver


Azizi the giraffe 2019


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