April, Azizi and Oliver the Giraffe Outside Today

Azizi i: Mama, why don't you let me drink all the milk I want?

April: Baby G, my instincts tell me to let you drink a little, then I force you to stop by moving away. 

Azizi: What are instincts?

Oliver: In-stinks are when you make a stinky inside as opposed to outside.  

April: Oliver! You are stinking up the place with your bad jokes. Baby, an instinct is something inside you that tells you the right thing to do without you having to learn it. 

Azizi: Why do your instincts tell you to stop me from drinking more?

April: Because giraffe milk is very rich, and you would get sick if you drank too much. 

Oliver: If I were a pirate, I would drink all the rum I want!  

April: And you would get sick from drinking too much too, Oliver. Too much of anything, even giraffe milk or rum, is not a good thing.

Baby, it is better to drink the milk a little at a time and do it many times, and Oliver, it is better to drink the rum rarely, or not at all, since you are a giraffe, not a pirate!

Azizi: Do I have instincts too?

April: Everyone does, even humans, but animals rely on their instincts more. 

Azizi: What do my instincts tell me?

Oliver: My instincts tell me to put a joke here but I can't think of one.   

April: Oh Oliver, go off and think of one while we talk. Baby, they tell you to drink milk, and not eat hay, carrots or romaine lettuce like we do, because you don't have teeth yet, you don't have the ability to chew, and would choke on our food. 

Azizi: What else do they tell me?

April: Giraffes in the wild have to be able to move fast to outrun lions, so your instincts told you right after you were born to stand up and get ready to run. They tell you sometimes to stand very still, and to hide at times. 

Oliver: The world thinks we are playing a game of Statues, or if younger, doing a Mannequin challenge.  

Azizi: World, if I hide or stand still, please don't be annoyed, I am just following my instincts.

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