Animal Adventure Park : Lucas

Animal Adventure Park Lucas

Lucas has been a long time animal care team member, having worked his way through the ranks, growing with the park and taking on the huge responsibility of the park’s large carnivores! While the animals in his charge can pose a risk every minute of the day, Lucas’ level head, attention to detail and dedication have allowed him to grow many of our carnivores from cub to adult cat – with safety always in mind and as priority.


SUNY Cortland

Industry experience: 
4 years

Seasons at AAP:

Current species/area of care:
Large Carnivores
Eurasian Eagle Owl 

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Favorite Species at the park: 
African Lion

What do you want the world to know about your career that they may not be aware of?

Zookeepers get very little time off! 
Vacation days are minimal and rare. Sick days aren’t generally an option. We work holidays, all weather conditions, all temperatures! 
The animals need care every single day, so it is our responsibility to provide that care, every single day!


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