Jordan Patch Interview: April the giraffe is close, very close to delivering her fifth calf

 Animal Adventure Park April Giraffe Cam

April the giraffe is close, very close to delivering her fifth calf, according to Jordan Patch at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, near Binghamton.

Jordan Patch Interview and give some updates on April the Giraffe:

For those asking for the direct link to  April Merch:

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Fan reaction:

April thinking…hmm wasnt this interview supposed to be about me?? Right behind you, I am here I am here

 I have always loved Steve Irwin and you remind me so much of him god bless you and what you and your family do for the co

I just want to thank you’s for all the updates that you let us know about and to thank your wonderful staff for everything they do for April

April gave birth when I was in early pregnancy with my second baby 2017. Now she is going to have another babe and im pregnant with my third. We must be on the same breeding schedule… 

 I have breakfast with April, lunch with April, dinner with April, coffee with April, I go to sleep watching April and get up with April! I mean I’m Aprilholic and loving it.

Corey & Alexis were great in the barn tonight. So nice to see them working together & the love for April & Ollie they have makes my heart so happy. Lets have this baby tomorrow, April. A healthy baby is all I ask for.

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